I've lost my Mojo!

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Panic set in... I wanted to test my glucose and Ketones for the 4th day in a row...but my Mojo could not be found!

Last I remember having it, I was at work, it was on my desk...but after that...blank.  All I knew, is that it was no longer in my work bag where I normally kept it.

I racked my brain...could it have fallen out?  Did I leave it on my desk and I just didn't realize it?  Did housekeeping do something nefarious when they saw this piece of technology lonely on a desk, unattended?

3 days, I searched and searched...

As a fellow Keto/low-carb enthusiast, you may share this data obsession.  The need to keep track (however intermittently) of our numbers...glucose, ketones, lipids...etc.

I switched from the Precision Xtra, to the Keto Mojo device.  Not only is just a sexier device...nice and streamlined, but the strips are more affordable making it more financially viable to support my data obsessions. Plus is reads HGB and HCT in addition to glucose and Ketones...and hopefully providing a HbA1C reading down the road.

So, did I find my Mojo finally you ask?  YES!  I was so excited!  Had to retrace my steps and look in the unlikely spots...turns out, it fell out of my bag at work, and managed to slither it's way just behind the chair in my desk and onto the floor.  

Frantically searching around on my hands and knees while my co-workers wondered if I was "all there" was totally worth it.

I found my Mojo, and can continue my n=1...thank goodness!

Tanya got her Mojo back!

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