About us


From left to right...Belinda (the mother), Tanya (the daughter) and James (the fiancee) :)

Welcome to our web site!


Our desserts are based on the keto profile: high healthy fats, moderate protein, low carb and sugar free, gluten free - we use Non-GMO and organic Almond and Coconut flour. Sugar Free !!!! - we use Lakanto Monkfruit, a natural--NOT artificial--sweetener to sweeten our treats. Monkfruit has Zero Calories, Zero Glycemic, Non GMO and is Autism Approved. For Fats we use organic: MCT/Coconut Oil, Grass fed butter, organic cream cheese and heavy cream...etc.


We are a family born, raised and based in San Diego! We are not professional bakers or pastry chefs, but we love the ketogenic lifestyle so much, we wanted to share the desserts we’ve developed for our family and friends, with you and your loved ones!


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-- Belinda, Tanya and James...our family to yours! Keto on!