Product Sampler Box (Muffins/cookies) - WITH NEW ITEMS!!
Product Sampler Box (Muffins/cookies) - WITH NEW ITEMS!!
Product Sampler Box (Muffins/cookies) - WITH NEW ITEMS!!
Product Sampler Box (Muffins/cookies) - WITH NEW ITEMS!!
Product Sampler Box (Muffins/cookies) - WITH NEW ITEMS!!
Product Sampler Box (Muffins/cookies) - WITH NEW ITEMS!!
Product Sampler Box (Muffins/cookies) - WITH NEW ITEMS!!


Product Sampler Box (Muffins/cookies) - WITH NEW ITEMS!!

1 of each flavor muffin, 3 chocolate chip cookies, 3 Snicker doodle cookies, 3 Chocolate Peppermint Chip cookies (NEW), and 3 Keto Rum Cakes (NEW):


The best Muffins low-carb can have! This Chocolate Muffin is made with your sweet tooth in mind. We use healthy ingredients, natural cocoa powder, and pure bittersweet chocolate that will melt in your mouth with every bite. Full of taste - free of gluten and processed sugar.  Eat well, smile often. Our mission is to show you a new way to approach Keto living. Don't waste another bite on bland, crumbly and tasteless food, get your sweet Keto on!


Coffee Cake

We are really picky when it comes to muffins. We hate when they’re rubbery, dry or oddly squishy. The texture has to be just right! It’s taken us quite some time to come up with a Coffee Cake that we really love and feel comfortable enough to share with the world.

Our Coffee Cake is the perfect indulgence, with a natural essence that works well for breakfast, teatime, and dessert.  Finally!!! A Coffee Cake that’s super tender, moist and bursting with flavor, perfect with your Keto coffee in the morning. These muffins--made with almond flour--are everything and more


Lemon Poppy seed

Our Low Carb, Gluten Free Muffins offers you muffins that are moist, rich and full of irresistible flavor.  Made with fresh, zesty lemon and poppy seeds, these lemonlicious muffins leave the gluten behind without taking the taste along with it. This keto/low-carb/paleo friendly food lets you enjoy a gluten and guilt free muffin, but begs you to question if these are for breakfast, snack time or dessert? There are plenty of muffin provided to nibble your way through the decision.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just like the name says, this is the chocolate chip cookie extraordinaire! Definitely one of top favorites! Chocolate chip cookies are a go-to favorite dessert, sweet snack, or after-school treat. Sugar free and made with our organic ingredients and just an extra dash of love!


Amazing Snicker Doodles

Snickerdoodles should be very very cinnamon-y. They should be chewy. They should not be a sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon. They should not be flat. They should not be crunchy, except a tiny little crisp on the very outside edge–but overall they are soft and chewy, melt in your mouth, and make you want to go to cinnamon-sugar heaven. And that, my friends, is exactly what this recipe will give you.


Chocolate Peppermint Chip

The perfect holiday cookie!

Chocolate, peppermint, and chocolate chips, topped with a peppermint piece!  Crispy chocolatey goodness...peppermint comes through in a refreshing way.  If you like mint...this is your cookie!


Keto Rum Cakes

Get a dozen of these yummy little treats!

Rum flavor comes through nicely in these Keto Rum cakes!  Delicious and light, with just the right amount of sweetness and rolled in Swerve confectioners sugar.

Low carb, gluten free, and made with rum extract (so booze-free!).